Erin Cramer
My younger brother, Jay, was injured in a rock climbing accident in Malibu Canyon in 2005. As a result he is a quadriplegic but if you meet him, he will tell you that he is fine and his life just keeps getting better.
"Illuminated Man" was created after one of my many visits to his apartment in California. We talked a lot about nerves, tingling sensations, and energy centers in the body. We both believe that the body can heal itself from within but its just as important to have healing and support from the outside. During my stay, handfuls of people would call him or stop by and offer their positive energy and unique prayers. He would receive each person with an open mind and gratitude. "Illuminated Man" sits in a wheelchair but looks like he could stand up at any moment. His internal colorful lights reference the Hindu chakra energy centers and the light within.
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