This book has loose sheets that are shaped like the island of Tortola. I made each one individually from cotton and they have different mixtures of coffee, tabacco, sand, and leaves.

My good friend photographer Jane Waller has lived part time on this island for about 25 years and I always love to hear her stories and impressions of life in the British Virgin Islands.

This book was inspired from her photos and stories about this group of old fishermen that she has known for years. I included parts of her great fishing stories and images of her fishermen friends, their boats, the beautiful landscape, fish, bananas, shacks, water.

The images were put onto the paper using a photo transfer method and many of the pages are embossed with fishing lures, rope, and found objects. The text and drawings were all done by hand using various brown pens, watercolor pencils, and transfer techniques.

The bottom of the wooden box is covered with shells, grass, and rocks.